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Jaime Alejandro
@cruzfolio · 4:53
Write/Rec Collab 11.25

Thinking out loud on my songwriting collab with my pal Dust over at the Write/Rec lab. Here's our latest song!! https://s.swell.life/SSHO0uxFas0UE9g

Jaime Alejandro
@cruzfolio · 0:49
Any creative work at lunchtime?

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Jaime Alejandro
@cruzfolio · 0:43
What are you working on?

Just curious what your current writing or creative project is today. Have a great day!

Jaime Alejandro
@cruzfolio · 0:56
Your Covid Creative Response

Have you channeled your COVID19 stress into your creativity? I'm curious what you've done up with...

Jaime Alejandro
@cruzfolio · 1:15
Hi, I'm a writer and I believe in your creativity. How are you?

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