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A little about me

Hi. My name is Cristi. I am 50. I have curly hair and blue eyes. I smile a lot. I'm very positive. I do a lot of yoga. I'm a massage therapist by trade, and I really enjoy helping people feel better. I love to Cook and eat healthy and that's it so far

I was making toast when I recorded this... ding

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Practitioners on Swell

And I would just love, first of all, to be a place where you can help people on a daily basis or a weekly basis kind of come into their own practice, which is a multimodal thing for you. I think practice for you means how you eat, how you stretch, how you breathe and how you exercise. So it'll be wonderful to sort of drop into your vision of how you do things here on Swell. So just a consideration. And thank you so much for being here
Cristi Adams
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I was doing a lot of questioning about my skills set and how I can still be helpful and useful to others if I wasn't going to be touching them and doing body work, hands on work. I did and continue to learn a lot about communicating with others through new technology. Zoom obviously is very popular, and I've done some sessions which look a little bit like self massage, foam rolling, stretching, targeting areas of stress
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Welcome to Swell!

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It just adds to that, and I really need corrective measures to kind of help me balance that. And I'm often referred to as a brick when I go into my sessions. So if that tells you a little bit of how tight I can actually be, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into that routine. And a couple of my therapists have actually opened shop back up. And it's just very important for me to get those massages in
Cristi Adams
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#massage #selfcare #painrelief #stressrelief I miss my clients....

As far as pain relief, stress relief, mobility, things that fall under the umbrella of holistic care that we can call upon as tools as a way to go through life and feel better. I really enjoy working with clients that have pain and have scars and have injuries and have had lots of obstacles in their life. Because to me, the most exciting part about massage is really unraveling, that mystery
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Relaxation techniques

We do a lot of that with the biomechanics work, describing stuff that they could do on their own. But I was just thinking there was a friend of mine who was she was doing massage, but she was also Reiki and that was without touching people. So I wonder if that Reiki will be becoming more popular now. People might be funny about coming into a massage, but I have also started massaging again. My clinic is open and I had some really good measures in place