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Domestic violence comes in many forms. It can be physically abusive, and that is often what most people associate with it. But mental and emotional abuse is scary and severe, and it's a reality for many people. Financial abuse is another thing. Now, I am not a specialist in this field. I am someone who overcame, to quote one of my other swell friends out here talking about domestic violence lioness felicia instead of domestic violence survivor, she refers to us as domestic violence warriors

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J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 1:31
Thank you for your openness and your vulnerability and sharing your experience. I will definitely be doing the same because it's important that we shared the light on domestic violence as much as we can. So I had to cram in facts one through four to catch up. And I think today is the fifth, so I have to pop in another fact for fact five later today, or just even something on my experience
Carey Braidt
@countryswell · 2:29


Amen to healing out loud. I love when you utilize that term and it is so important and there is someone out there who will hear these messages that will be empowered to get help and find safety and overcome these circumstances because of these conversations. Or maybe it will have the domino effect of someone who knows, someone who is experiencing domestic violence but doesn't know how to help, doesn't know what type of resources out there or doesn't understand why the person is choosing to stay in that situation
And you get to that point where when you share your story, it's not as hard each time, but now you're able to educate and let people know what it is, being a domestic violence warrior. So go ahead, by all means, continue to use that, because that's what we are. We're warriors. We're not survivors. We're warriors. We made it through and we made it through much stronger