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Things toddlers do that I wish I still got to do

And I think nap time is so essential to process, to just rest throughout the day. Why didn't that time get taken out of our day to day lives? Especially like in school when you're learning and you're probably so tired from everything that you're doing in life? Also, why do kids don't want to take naps every time I see a kid not napping, I'm just like, I wish I could be you right now

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Gabie Rudolph
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I would love to be able to just get off class and just go to the swings and destress and go swimming or something like that. That would be super fun. I really like hammocks, though. When I was in the dorms, my friends would always, like hammock, and there was, like, a little area in between the two dorms. And how old are trees? It's, like, super fun to stack the hammocks
Kwa NateKo
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1 year later

And the opportunity to do that just I think allows a sense of freedom and the idea that I have self confidence that always don't have to be worried about what people think of me. So I think nap times, the monkey bars and the ability to just be silly sometimes I think are all great ideas
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