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Coolgirl Ayesha
@CoolgirlAyesha · 2:01

What comes along with the company of people you choose?

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Because others will just drain your time, talk to you, call you again and again, but the real ones will actually make you a right person. They'll pinpoint all your drawbacks and all and don't let you do wrong things and always have the headache of your career. So you don't need a reminder on your phone, but you'll have a true friend, so it's very essential to be with the good friends


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Avneet .
@avneet_ · 1:26
And after that, we need to segregate those people and keep the ones in our life who really are there for us. Because a negative company really doesn't help. Okay? That is one thing, the negative company which is pulling you down, the other, which are really encouraging you to be that is like a total red flag. And we should be on the lookout for them
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Coolgirl Ayesha
@CoolgirlAyesha · 1:33

#sayitonswell @avneet_

I have. Me. Thank you so much for your wonderful insights. You explained it correctly, like with the examples of the jealousy and all. You're right. And I feel the same, that we really can't segregate them because at the end, you don't know the intentions of the person who is talking to you, what's behind what is he or she talking behind you, or how he reacts to it
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