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Heather Rodman
@colourtherapy · 2:05

Happy Hormones

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One of the ones that I like to use on a regular basis specifically for women and women's health, is called Happy Hormones, and it helps to reduce the discomfort associated with moon cycles such as cramps and back aches. These cooling, relaxing oils calm mood swings and are soothing to the psyche. So the ingredients in the Happy Hormones is essential oils of geranium, ho, wood, bergamot, lavender, clary sage and Roman chamomile in a base of organic jojoba

#hormones #womenshealth

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Marley Musarra
@MarleyMusarra · 0:43
OOH, I love this. I definitely have been diving a lot deeper into my hormone health and cycle thinking and you know, what herbs and all that are necessary and helpful each part of my cycle and all of that. I just got actually a new supplement. I believe it's from Avena. No, not exactly. But it is supposed to be really great. And my boss says that, like, the only thing that's helped her since her hormones went out of whack as she got older
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