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Me rambling

And 140 miles an hour wind was reported by the National Weather Service. We had sustained winds of over 100 miles an hour for about a half an hour. And in a city in the Midwest, that's a very forested, tree filled sort of city. It was devastation. Just rock this place, trees down. We lost about half of our canopy. Electricity was out pretty much everywhere for two weeks. This was two weeks ago today. I got my electricity back on Saturday

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hope you are well!

Only now I'm seeing reports in the media about Cedar Rapids. Like, two weeks later, Cedar Rapids is still digging out. That's the story. Anyway, things must be really bad if you're picking up social audio. I'm kidding. I hope everyone in your family's do. All right. Bye
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Long term impact on farmers? #WTF😞

So it's really hard to understand how to find out what's going on. And I can't believe I'm just hearing about this. It's ridiculous. It just shows how upside down the world is. Actually, I'd love to understand the long term impact that director is going to have on the farmers. Can you help me understand that so that we can put intentions out there to help any way we can? I appreciate that
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@ColinFlynn those fallen trees

It's an interlocking set of slats that gave us a 3.3 square meter, three X three. So it's a nine square meter workspace that may double as a studio and place for our kids to do their homework away from the magnet of streaming media that our television has become. Thanks for sharing, even though we've only had one big tree that's fallen because I cut it to fall away from the house. I feel like I bonded with you during the same high wind experience
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Hey, Colin. Glad to hear your bouquet and me rambling here on Swell. I did catch some video of that before. Before you told me about it. I guess last week it was I was watching some storm footage. It came up after all the fire stuff. I was looking up. So I guess disasters, beget disasters. Yeah, that's f****** crazy, man. Watching that storm blow through that's out. That's pretty wild, man
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Good to speak to you, Tim!

These fallen trees, these cut up trees, these giant trees that were knocked over all over town that are still pretty much strewn about everywhere. So that's us. Thank you for the concern. The kind words. And we will talk again soon, I hope. All right, later
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Intentions from DB are appreciated.

Sometimes they'll sit on a year's crop and they'll put it in a bin in a storage bin, hoping for a better price to come along down the road. So that's of the long and short of it, they'll bounce back, just take longer, more effort more work, but they will bounce back. And farmers are very resilient. And Midwesterners in general, help each other as much as they can
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Allowistoc Artist is great to hear from!

Aloe Stick. I remember you from the Anchor V one days. I yes, I appreciate the reply. And we kind of got buried in the news cycle of I think what was going on on a couple of weeks ago on that day, particularly I think it was the Kamala Harris announcement, and there may have been something else fairly big COVID related or something