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Coronavirus vaccine

I do have a copy of it. And it's still there because I wanted to prove this theory right. And like I said, it's been a while since I seen the movie and I popped the DVD in. Yeah, I had to dust off the DVD. The DVD player, plugged it up to the TV and all that stuff. I played it and I saw it, and I was like, oh, yeah, but I do know. Sometimes Hollywood put stuff in

Just something to make you say Hmmm

Dewuan .
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That's interesting that you won't take the vaccine based upon this film. A mediocre Will Smith film, I may add, but I'm not a fair judge of Will Smith, as I typically just just don't like them as an actor in general. But I did a little research, tiny bit of research. I didn't go too deep into it, but I found that logo. Yes, they have a JPEG of it
Taylor J
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I Am Legend (Will Smith) is the 3rd film adaptation of the original book.

Robert Neville is the sole survivor, as it appears to be, there was a pandemic, and that pandemic killed most of the population, turning them into vampires. It didn't come from a vaccine. It was just a plague that ravaged the land and turned people into vampires. Now, the I Am Legend movie that you're talking about