Reggie Mathis
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Here we go again ( To Madk or Not to Mask?)

And a lot of those people still go outside and still go in places without their mask. So isn't that kind of defeating the purpose? Everybody taking their shots. And then if you're taking both shots and you're completely vaccinated, you can go without your mask. And then you have people who said, the heck with it. I'm not getting vaccinated and they run around without their mask. And now nobody's wearing their mask

Man just make everybody wear the mask .

Deborah Pardes
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Thank you for that Friday rant. I feel you. I understand you. There's not a clear path here, but I appreciate your expression and just listen to it. Shaking my head, smiling. And sometimes that's all we can do is to listen to each other, lost in that last bit. There a lot of stuff going on, but one thing I want to say is the Planet did appreciate when we slowed down
Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 4:13
Even those studies now indicate that we may not be. But if we are asymptomatic carriers, we wouldn't know and then the unvaccinated then stand the risk of catching a bad variant from somebody who's vaccinated and then having that risk their lives. So in this situation, given what I'm seeing rage in India, my hope is people see that and understand people are desperate for vaccines over there
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Sudha Varadarajan
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So obviously what I believe is the risk to reward benefit. I'll also say this that I think everything in life, including driving a car, carries a certain amount of risk. So we have to weigh benefits versus risk and make the right choices for ourselves. And I think I hope that helps answer the question
Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:04
And I have to think that a lot of that has to do with how common and widespread massage was. There was not this idea that it was somehow taking away your freedoms. It's just the thing people do to take care of one another. And to your point, with your last comment there about getting along, I think that should sort of be at the core of what everybody's doing right now is we all want everybody to be healthy and safe