Reggie Mathis
@CoFfeeBlack · 5:00

Family for a season

But sometimes, man, you get tired of family, you know, because family are people and people have the tendency to lie. Now, my wife says I am the King of cutting people off with no reason. I just stopped talking to them. Stop going around them. Stop dealing with them. And I bet. Yeah, that's me. I'm an introvert. I do those things because especially if I don't see any growth in the relationship and that deals with family. Family

King of Avoidance

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:41
So I feel like, like you just captured your frustration beautifully, if nothing else. And that's why we have family. They remind us about how we want to choose our friends, the best of both worlds. Right. Thanks for the share