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kunal vyas
@coachkunal · 2:35

Personality Development: 3

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You. Hi guys. This is part three of our series the Art and Science of Personality Development. So when we say a personality, normally the outer exterior of a person comes into mind. But whenever you want to excel at something, the idea is to go deeper into the subject or know the depth of that particular subject. So the first question that should come to our mind is what is the meaning of a personality? And the actual meaning of a personality is your personal reality
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Tanya Singh
@tanyasingh27 · 1:01


Hello, Konal. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable thoughts. And it was really insightful to get to know about personality development from you. And I completely agree with your line of thought, which says that personality means person. In reality, I am really liking this definition
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