Claire Freedman
@clairebear484 · 2:14


My dad's a black belt in Aikido, and I was gifted to Joe by one of his old friends, so I think maybe getting into martial arts might be a new thing for me as well. I love that discipline and the focus of that. It values. Yeah. I'm just thinking about a new hobby, maybe or progressing and getting better, staying fit. Yeah
Noa Lily
@Noalily · 1:14
Hey. So first of all, I'm really happy that you found this activity that makes you just feel happy and gives you something to look forward to, especially because it's really hard to hard to find time to really work on yourself. And it's really nice to hear that you've just made this commitment. And from what I'm hearing, it's something that you really enjoy. So that's always a good thing