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What did Sean Connery’s films mean to you?

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"…Maybe they're the same ones I've mentioned, or maybe there's a bunch more you hope that gets shared here. I think the last one, I definitely have to put a specific nod to Dr. No, which is a tremendously undervalued James Bond film. In my opinion, it's the very first one, Sean Connery, and it's pretty good despite being the first one and obviously working out the Kings.…"

Remembering the legendary actor (good, bad, and otherwise).

Arish Ali

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"…So I feel extremely sad that is passing away in terms of movies. For me, the quintessential Sean Connery movies are Goldfinger and diamonds are forever sorry, not diamonds are forever. Thunderball, Thunderball and Goldfinger for the longest time where the two top Sean Connery movie for me. And they're really great. Another movie that I like a lot is you only Live Twice. This movie just has a personal kind of significance.…"


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