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Is Citizen Kane really a masterpiece? Have you seen it?

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"…Alright. We got a fun question for all of you this week. Citizen Kane, admit it. You probably have never seen it. But for those of you who have or if you've seen parts of it and you have an opinion, no matter what, we're curious. Do you think Citizen Kane Kane is a masterpiece? Now we're going to be talking about Mink on the podcast this week, right? This is the new David Fincher movie. It's going to be on Netflix.…"

They say it’s the best film of all time, but what do you think?


Bowie Rowan

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"…I love Citizen King. To be fair, I did see it for the first time within the context of a film class in College, but I liked it so much that I watched it again on my own on Time a few years later. And I think any film like Citizen Kane that has something as iconic as a reference like Rosebud that's being talked about decades later deserves to be considered a masterpiece.…"



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