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Are you planning to pay the $30 to see MULAN on Disney+?

Hey, everyone, apologies for the background noise. I'm walking and I have a question that I've been wondering for a while now. Are you going to are you willing to pay $30 to watch move on on Disney Plus this week, that movie is going to be hitting Disney Plus, but you won't be able to watch it even if you're a Disney Plus subscriber without ponying up $30

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Average Joe
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So if the reviews are good and you catch me in the right mood, I might do it. But I think if you have a family, if you have kids, certainly when my children were younger, by the time I took me and my son and my daughter and my girlfriend to the movies. And then we bought popcorn and sodas and that kind of stuff. This is a deal. And the fact that what I didn't understand at the time. I made the swell on my page
Taylor J
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Whether your film is 3D 4D, you have one of those fancy boxes that vibrates while you're sitting in it or you're seeing an IMAX film. None of those things you're getting when you're watching this film at home. And that's the problem that I have. I'm not enhancing the movie watching experience in any way. I'm watching it in the place where I do all of my work, consume all of my content

Maybe it'll be a money maker...

If I really wanted to see it and perhaps another list of movies or shows, then I might subscribe for a month, but I'm cheap. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm frugal
Dewuan .
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The future is now.. for streaming. @cinemaholics

So anyway, I will not pay $30 for Move on. But I do like the incentive that is being presented for Studios to put more of their videos on demand. The good movies not like the ones that are made for streaming, but the streaming is getting better. I would say that, but yeah, big, bold Move in Black Widow. I don't know if that's coming to streaming or not. Also, I guess it's all riding on Mulan
Bernie Goldbach
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@SeekingPlumb the kids don't want to watch so...

The most recent thing that both the nine year old and the 13 year old wanted was the whole trilogy of how to Train My Dragon, or is it how to Train Your Dragon? They've watched that on Loop about three times. I bought that series, that trilogy from Google Movies. I think that cost me $10, but $30. I can get the idea about it being like a cinema thing, but personally, I want a full IMAX environment. I'm going to pay that money