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What is the BEST Tom Hanks performance?

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"…What do you think is just the best performance? Think of it in terms of what Tom Hanks had to do on a professional and personal level to deliver that performance, that it brought him to just like another level for you as maybe a fan of his or somebody who maybe this is the performance that opens your eyes to how good Tom Hanks is. Now, if you're not a fan of Tom Hanks, I'm sorry.…"

Not the best movie, the best performance! Also we’re talking his new film NEWS OF THE WORLD this week!


Neal Damiano

@NealD · 2yr ago · 0:58

"…First and foremost, let me disclaim myself. I'm not the hugest Tom Hanks fan never was. I've grown and admired his work over the years later on. But to answer your guys'question, I would have to either go with Sully or Philadelphia as far as acting performance. Now I will add this just because I think it's hilarious when people ask me what my favorite Tom Hanks film is.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 1:02

"…But there are so many films to choose from, and I know we're not trying to go for our favorites here, but just to add my personal favorite film that he's done would probably have to be Big or Forest Gump. Now, I think that his best performance probably comes in castaway. In my opinion. I love Robert Zemeckis, and I think that what they did in that film was tremendous. I think that he did incredible jobs of carrying that movie.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 1:22

"…Now, I know there's a lot of movies here that people are going to say, like Captain Phillips Sully Saving Private Ryan. But I wanted to mention something really, really dumb, and it's probably more of an honorable mention or a side note. But over the holiday period, I caught a little big, and it just reminded me how much he made me believe that he was actually a little kid.…"


Peter McHugh

@Peterm35 · 2yr ago · 0:44

"…For me, just based on performance. And nobody's mentioned this movie yet because he sort of separates himself from being Tom Hanks in this film. I like the film The Terminal, because I think obviously that if you look at the terminal, he plays somebody who's from a fictitious country, but he's separating himself from Tom Hanks. Now his best performance probably probably not.…"


Dwarak Varadarajan

@Dwarak_V · 2yr ago · 0:47

"…My favorite scene of Tom Hanks is from Sailing Private Trap, which he eventually has a disorder kind of thing. I think it's stress disorder. So he has a shaky hands. And he's also a soldier who's always. And the best thing is he saves Private Ram. That's the best thing. And it's so emotional thing to see at the last. And that's my favorite performance from The Tom Hanks.…"

Saving Private Ryan


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 2yr ago · 2:55

"…Like I said, it's fine. But there was a bit that Eddie Murphy used to do about if you've been out in the desert, a cracker tastes like the greatest thing in the world to you. I think that's kind of what's happening with some of the films that have gotten these incredible reviews, and I'm not seeing it. I'm not feeling it. I kind of like Hanks the most. I think in The Green Mile.…"


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