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Disney’s endless stream of announcements...which one stands out to you the most, if any?

Did any of them really stand out to you? Did you really hear any of them and actually get super excited, like you could picture it in your head. Maybe you saw a trailer. Maybe you're trying to remember some of the announcements. Now what's the first thing that comes to your mind? It just hit you because I know when I try to remember the announcements, and I did a whole thing where I went through all of them

Without looking it up, which is the first Disney announcement that sticks out, that you remember easily?

Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:13

Moon Knight and Pinocchio

I was shocked to hear that Marvel was taking a chance on moonlight. I'm wondering how they're going to do it because it's a pretty adult character, but we'll see I'm looking forward to that a lot
Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:12

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I have no recollection of any of the Marvel announcements, and some of the Star Wars ones seemed intriguing. I'm glad Diego Luna will get to continue on. I don't remember his name or his character from Rogue One, but I think he's got a serious and did they say Landlord Carson is coming back? That would be funny if that's a thing, but really, I have no memory of any of the details Besides the one I'm looking forward to. The Mysterious Benedict society