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What did Chadwick Boseman mean to you?

We'd love to play it and just give our audience, like, a sampling of his legacy and how some people see him as a hero and why that is and anything you have to say about the actor, the man, the husband, the human being who just inspired so many people such a tragic loss, but really hoping that we're able to look back on his career and see the hope and see the strength and tenacity that he had in light of his just tragic young passing away that happened

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Average Joe
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My first exposure to Bozeman was in 42. That was the first time I saw him. I don't recall seeing him in anything else before that. If I did it, it obviously was probably like a supporting role or something like that. And I remember thinking what a fantastic job he did
Meranda Troutt
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Black Panther is my four year old's favorite, Avenger. We are a big, big, big Marvel fan. Here I am a Marvel fan. Both my boys are Marvel fans, and my four year old really latched on to him. And he loves watching Black Panther movies. And he loves watching him in Civil War, the little bits that he's in it. And he even loved him so much that he has an action figure