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What film genre should Tom Holland tackle next?

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"…Obviously, there are tons of genres he hasn't really delved into. So what's one that you want to see, from horror to studio comedy to romantic comedy to neonoir? Some people that are saying that Devil all the Time is a weird neo Western kind of thing, but that's probably a stretch. But the point is he's done a lot of films. There's a lot of films ahead of him.…"

Holland stars in THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME which hits Netflix this week.


Average Joe

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"…And tomorrow I think the film drops on Netflix. Right. So if you don't clarify beforehand, I'm going to watch it because I've been waiting for it geeking out for this. And then I'll come here and I'll be like, no, this is what it was. I felt this way. And then you can tell me I'm stupid and all that kind of stuff. We'll have a battle, like an internet fight.…"


Cinemaholics Podcast

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"…Did it make you feel all of the pain that you've been bottling up inside since childhood and all kinds of and it did. In some ways, I grew up pretty religious, so not to give anything away. The film tackles kind of the way religion can be distorted to kind of ruin entire communities. And it might have sounded like I was a little with the movie earlier because again, I had just seen it and it put me in a very morose spirit.…"

Yeah it’s a worthwhile sit


Poker Man

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"…I just saw this today. Really, really liked it. It was crazy. I see why they called it evil all the time. It's not that one person was evil all the time. It's that evil is every everywhere. It's funny how everyone was related. Kind of everyone was connected somehow. Good movies.…"

Poker Man

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"…I'm actually watching it a second time with my son.…"


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