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What’s a movie you saw at a drive-in either recently or back in the day? (Also what was it like??)

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"…Or if when you were a kid, like what's? Like a foundational drive in movie, I think for me, this is so weird and random, but one of the first drive in films I ever went to because I didn't have a driving theater going out. So I didn't see one until I was in my 20s. The first one I saw was Monsters University, but I'm a huge Pixar fan, as you might find out, looking into some of my work.…"

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"…And much like Robin, we were expected to go to sleep during the second one, but the first one, I remember going to some sort of a decade later on core production presentation or whatever of Bambi and my brother and I were tiny enough that we could go up on the roof of the car. And I remember laying on our stomachs, watching and eating ice cream sandwiches as they melted the windshield. My parents were not happy, but it was like one of the happiest moments.…"

A fond memory of one in particular, an encore of Bambi.

phil spade

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"…I begged my parents to go see it and was thoroughly disappointed that not once did Mark Hamill bust out the lightsaber. No Stormtroopers, no lightsaber, no nothing. So I was thoroughly disappointed. And that ended my driving career.…"

Corvette Summer!


"…But preaching guys, yeah, we were kind of excited about that, and we were laughing our butts off, and it was just a funny situation that he really didn't have any control over. But watching him run around, everybody trying to get them to turn their eyes back to the screen. Hilarious.…"


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