Have you ever spent time with a shaman? Here is my experience

Not every shaman administers medicines, or at least not plant medicine. So anyway, I thought that I would just add this. Because in another one of my swells yesterday about the firewalk, which is one of the experiences that are available to us here, working on not just mind over matter. But the way we think and how our body responds to our thinking and and what we're able to do outside the realm of maybe normal, practical thinking

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Ty Dobbs
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I have found great friendships out of the shamans I have spent time with, but there's such a level of dedication to the practice that I think a lot of people don't quite fully grasp that a shaman is a way of life and it's a term that's thrown around very loosely nowadays. I feel like it's a big buzzword
Christine Grimm
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In fact, it's interesting to me because when I find people who are dissatisfied with their career path, oftentimes to me, part of the problem is that that also is transactional. And so spending time with these shamans, one of my takeaway lessons is that some of these people, they really, really like you're saying, have dedicated their life to this. It's not a job, it's not a career. It is their life