What does workplace collaboration really mean and what does it require?

You're going to go meet with the people and you could physically see people meeting. You could see on the calendar how often people were meeting. And so people's, managers and bosses would talk about collaboration. And the proof that it was happening was the frequency and the quality of those meetings and maybe how fast or slow decisions and work work got done and decisions were made as a result of the frequency and the quality of those meetings

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At this last job I was at, you might as well call them the Employee Discipline Committee, because they interviewed you, they hired you, any stuff, any discipline or whatever. They did that and they ran, like, basically the whole plan. I never see nothing like it in my life. I was like, when did human resources change? And then I don't think it's good
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It was just unbelievable and I didn't expect it, but it certainly was nice. And I always reciprocated that if I'm awake and I see the question and I can answer it, I'm most certainly going to do that. From a strategic standpoint, this is something that I miss a lot of in person meetings at, because I always came to a meeting with two things. If I had an idea, I didn't necessarily need to hear that it was a good idea or a bad idea
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And so it goes from being transactional, I'm going to show up to your meeting, I'm going to respond to your emails, to more of a sense of relationship building, influencing engagement. So the ability for somebody to not just show up for a meeting, but actively engage in the conversation as well as sort of thinking about what the team needs as a whole versus what I can add based on my subject matter expertise, motivating others to work together and influencing the direction that that goes