Christina Dunham
@chrissydunham · 1:18

Its the little things in life

People always say it's the little things in life. And I'm here to say that that statement could not be more true. Because this morning, you know, I woke up, it was a rough morning, heard a lot of news, didn't want to hear. But, you know, I looked out my window this morning as I was making my morning matcha and I saw this squirrel just running around on the wires, through the trees, just being so crazy

#sayitonswell #littlethings

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:53

This little swell

Going outside to my backyard and seeing what's going on. Sometimes I go to my vegetables and see what Critters ate them, and I get a little upset. But then I realize, wow, I was feeding the world. How cool is that? Flipping the perspective. Right? But I totally agree with you that little things. Let's go for little things. And this little swell was my little thing