Christina Dunham
@chrissydunham · 0:50

How do you turn your bad day around?

Music, I think by far is the biggest thing that will put me out of a mood. Or I'll watch like a funny video or sometimes I'll call a family member. But again, I'm also looking for more ways to kind of pull yourself out when you're out of that mood. So what's some things that you guys do that help you on those hard days


Jas (They/them) Martin
@studentlife · 1:28
So if anyone has any suggestions on how to get me out of my head and stop dwelling on uncomfortable or inconvenient situations that would be great because I am really reaching my limit with having one little thing ruined my whole day and not being able to get out of that headspace. So I am begging you all for as many suggestions as possible because I would really liked change that habit of letting one little thing like row in my day and just dwelling on it for the rest of the day