Christina Dunham
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Gas prices have gotten out of control

What do you guys think of these new gas prices? I don't know about you guys, but it's kind of getting to the point now where it's almost becoming unaffordable. Like I'm up in Washington and the price prices are about like $5 right now. I have a friend down in La County and there's about $6 down there right now. And I know we have the similar prices back in 2008, but what do you guys think?


@paolomcm · 1:24
So I drove back from the West Side today and I had to fill my tank. And I think I still had like around 80 miles left in my car. And when I filled it up, it was around $48 to fill it up. And that's crazy because because there was still some more gas in and then a full tank doesn't even cost me $43 on an average day. So it was five point $29 per gallon, which is insane