Fast fashion vs sustainable wear

I want to talk a little bit about fast fashion versus sustainable fashion. First off, what are your guys'thoughts on sustainable wear versus just like fast fashion? Me personally, I'm am a big fan of sustainable wear, and I was reading an article about it. And sustainable clothes and reusing reducing and recycling is going to make a world of the difference in our Earth. Because the current consumption rates that we are using with materials from the planet, we are definitely going at an alarming rate

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@paolomcm · 1:30
I try to be conscious about it, but at the same time it can be hard to resist temptations to buy that new outfit or that new jacket. But I think it honestly begins with just grabbing one less item at the store or like narrowing down your choices rather than spending so much money or grabbing like ten new clothes. I also think us as a society have done better in the past, maybe like two years in purchasing some second what's the word second hand use or like just using clothing
Gabie Rudolph
@gabrudolph · 1:44
I absolutely love sustainable companies and buying from them. My only issue is that a lot of them are very pricey. So me as a College student, I really can't afford it, but that's why thrift stores exist. So I usually buy most of my clothes at their stores and sometimes I will get stuff from thrift store apps like Depot, Poshmark, Thread up, but especially Depop