Christina Dunham
@chrissydunham · 1:23

Working out in college

What kind of gym accommodations do your schools provide? I'm interested for you know, this is more geared towards the College students. What is the recreation life like at your school? For my school at Washington State, we have a University Rec. We also have three other gyms on campus, and they have different things at different gyms. And what's really awesome is they have different classes for like spin, yoga, CrossFit, you name it
Cassidy Waterson
@cassidywat · 1:42
You pay for the quarter or whatnot. But for me personally, I went to the Rec Center, like once my freshman year, and I promise I will never go back again unless my friends come with me because I don't know why. I swear it was so intimidating. I was in the lifting area to use the StairMaster and also just like use the weights. But there was no but, like no other girl in there Besides me and one other girl, maybe