Chloe Kaminskas

@chlomonsta·10mo ago·4:58

Oversizing on Tik Tok. Is this the new fishing for compliments?

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"…I already kind of talked about this in my Lizzo themed swell, but I think it's just really unhealthy for people to be oversizing themselves on social media platforms, like trying to almost fish for validation that they aren't, because I think that obviously, I am not trying to call out any specific Ticktockers. That's why I'm not saying any names or anything like that. But the girl that posted this video was just simply like, the typical beauty standards and probably a size like zero to two.…"

#bodydismorphia #bodyneutrality #tiktok


Oscar Logevall

@OKRL · 10mo ago · 3:28

"…Hey, Chloe, really important, interesting, intricate topic you brought up here trying to think I kind of seen this on a little bit of, like, whatever side of the Tik Tok I'm on. But as far as guys kind of doing this, as far as just what I've experienced, as far as in the gym, you'll see a guy being like, oh, I only hit 225 on the bench a day or something like that. I don't know.…"

Chloe Kaminskas

@chlomonsta · 10mo ago · 2:13

"…And also it's like when you're putting things out into the internet, like, you have to know that people are going to have reactions and people are going to react differently and not everyone's going to be like, wow, great post. Like, some people are going to think like, that's controversial and such.…"



Swell Team

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Oscar Logevall

@OKRL · 10mo ago · 1:24

"…Or perhaps now it's not enough to just show your body to get likes and comments, but now you have to cause a little controversy, and people achieve that by completely downplaying their bodies or whatever it might be. But yeah, I think it's a super toxic community, and I agree with you on that. I definitely don't agree with it at all.…"


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