So those of you who shop on Amazon and you may have something that you think that I might be interested in, or you hear me talk about something and you think that it fits me, please comment. Let me know, please, because I'm over here about to have a panic attack trying to figure out what I'm gonna buy with this little gift card I got. I'm just kidding. But then I'm not

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Angela Kaye
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So that's kind of like, I like to use Amazon for that because I actually didn't know you can get those kind of things from them. I have a Sam's club membership and all of that. But I just realized, like, wait, I can get it from Amazon from what I consider to be very good prices
Kitha Larie
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Hey, good evening. Thanks, Ange. I'm laughing because. Because I have a. And I know this is gonna sound a little bit. Mmm. I ain't gonna say the word for it, but I actually get my toilet paper from work a lot of the times because I have to order. And then my Lysol wipes, I get them from work. Trash bags. I just ran out. I gotta get me another roll at work. You know, I just
So I guess as bad as I'd like to feel for you right now, I'm trying. I'm digging deep. It's not coming to me, though. Maybe you need to save it. Maybe you need to just put it away for a while. Maybe because I've had this happen before where I've actually lost a gift card. And then I didn't need it, and I didn't need it, and I didn't need it
Kitha Larie
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Hey, happy Monday. I've actually have. I used to do the audible books, but, you know, I don't know if I prefer reading or listening. I don't know. But the last audible book that I had was you can't break me by Stephen Goggins, and it was our Steve Goggins something. Anyway, it's an excellent book
Angela Kaye
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@chitchatwithkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Keitha. I'm cracking up. Oh, my God. This is funny. Listen, I ain't mad at you. Keep doing what you're doing. I ain't mad at you. It reminds me of one of my homeboys that I used to work with. He was the head of maintenance, and I remember the first time I went to his house, and he had everything from work, including, like, we always use the big, clear trash bags
Kitha Larie
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I did take the cleaning supply up for the floor because we actually don't need it anymore since we are not allowed to use it on the floor. So I thought I'd make use of it. But yeah, girl, I'm going to save
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Cast. But the book I'm listening to now, I am so perturbed by the main character because she is a freaking idiot. She's so stupid, and she's. And I'm a third of the way through the book, and I already know how it's gonna end, and I'm just like, I can't even read this. What a waste of money. I don't know how in the world it got four and a half stars. It's terrible