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Who is your fav actor of all time?🥳🤌

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And I am personally a huge fan of Shah Khan and Shahid Kapoor. So growing up, I watched a lot of Polio movies. And naturally, I really like the actors in these movies. I also think they're very talented. And all of their films were extremely entertaining. So, yeah, that's why I'm a huge fan of them. But, yeah. Anyway, thank you so much for listening

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Rehan Shah
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But to be very honest, I did not watch a lot of the movies. I've still watched very few duplicates as people might know if they know me at all. I tend to watch more cricket highlights than I do movies. So
Anwesa Saha
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I first seen him in Captain America and after that I've watched many of his films and I really liked him not only because of his cute looks and boyish charm but also because of his acting. And I actually melt in his blue eyes. So I have a huge crush on him and I really like his acting and his movies
Krishna Telang
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Like, he played it so naturally and it's just so believable. He grasped every aspect of that. And for me, my favorite actor would be Rita Russian, because first of all, he's got the body. Second, he's an amazing actor. Third, he's a very good dancer. I've been copying his move since I was a kid. Everyone has tried and failed in that. And yeah, for me, Richard Rossen is the Greek God, as you say
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@Anwesa 😤😤🤌🤌

Let's go Kir sevens and yonardo DiCaprio absolute gems and yeah, I think you have great taste. Okay. I must say hello. Thank you so much for replying
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@Krishnaroxs 🥰🥰🥰

Hello. Yes my name is Khan was absolutely amazing and his acting in that was absolutely brilliant. I don't think anyone else could have pulled it off. And also s*** version is a Greek God. Interesting. But but yeah, I'm also part of the s***** Crochet SIM club. Let's go. I absolutely loved there are so many. But yeah, Citik Roshan is an OG Yay
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