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Nuture Vs. Nature ? How much of your personality is really you ?

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So in my early studies, meaning high school, I found sociology and was fully engrossed. I loved the study of behavior, society, social interactions, our culture because of this. One of my favorite animated films at the time until this day is Mega Mind. The synopsis is of two alien orphans are sent to Earth from their dying planets, clearly akin to Superman. They land in similar areas and though they share similar origins, their life is vastly different

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Running this back, I realized I automatically assumed your given nature was something that could exist in society. So I want to further the question on top of the question, do you believe there is a benefit to being nurtured into something you're not to exist in society? I realize there are some people who are more violent. So if you've been nurtured to become and not be as violent, that could be beneficial to society. So yeah, I guess that question as well
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Deep down stuff of truth

I think I captured that right. Sometimes people don't get a chance to know their own nature because they're in a situation where they're confined by the restrictions of their world. And it saddens me to think about people like that. I think about gender, I think about sexuality, I think about culture, race, Creed, everything. It horrifies me when I hear of people who come into their being age 80. I mean, at least that 80
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And I think even when caregivers and parents intend to give whomever they're caring for the world and nurture them in the best way possible, they make mistakes. And there are gaps and holes in some of the care that we give and some of the nurture that's given right. So I think I've kind of personally experienced this where my parents were absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing about them, but they still made mistakes and have caused me little bits and pieces of little teeth drama

My brain broke.

I mean, the more I think about it, the more it breaks my brain because I'm like, okay, if this is the direction of thought, I want to go in. Why am I doing that? Is it going nature thing? Where did I get that idea? I don't even know. Brain broken
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I honestly don’t know, more questions than answers for me I guess. 🤔

Were they true selves when they decided to kill people when the impulse control was forsaken in favor of pleasure? Was Ed gain his true self when his mom died and he was fully able to realize that he wanted to recreate his mom and other old elder people. And that's why he decided to dig up corpses. I mean, it's interesting in a sense of what is a person's true nature in terms of not only their perspective but society's perspective. So that's where the nurturing comes in
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And that's why I love this question because it's such a thinker because Unfortunately, Izzy, there are moments of destruction and chaos and even violence and human nature. You don't have to see it displayed in front of you at all. It does come up naturally, especially for two year olds. So you nurture them to respond correctly in these situations. Even with teenagers who feel an overwhelming sense of rage, you give them the tools to respond correctly, and that is beneficial for society
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But I can help to think of how important it is to really consider the ideas around nature and nature that you're infusing into this dialogue, because many times when we think about nurture, we only think about the nurturing that happens that's visible. Right. I don't think many times you think about what influences thoughts that isn't necessarily visible