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How do you honor your favorite people after they leave you physically?

@chasingstormi|3w ago|1:53

I just lost my biggest supporter and fan. How do you honor your favorite people who have to leave you physically to go to a better place?



Bookish Chatter with Jennie Wright! She’s giving authors ideas for building their email lists on Monday at 1pm CST!

@chasingstormi|3w ago|0:40

#authors #writingtips #emailmarketing #emaillistbuilding


Bookish Chatter has more episodes available!

@chasingstormi|1mo ago|1:33

Be sure to check out all of the new episodes on Bookish Chatter!


The Protector is available NOW!!

@chasingstormi|1mo ago|1:24

#theprotector was launched today and is available for purchase! Be sure to snag your copy now before the price increases!!


What does your "safe place to work in" look like?...

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|2:37|

#readingspace #workingfromhome #Homeoffice #readingheaven #writingheaven



The Dreaded and Annoying Writer’s Block...

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|0:55

Writer’s Block happens to everyone, so you are not alone! Yesterday’s episode of Bookish Chatter covered the causes & solutions for writer’s block.


Favorite #Hashtags to search on swell?...

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|0:22

Today I tried to explain #hashtags and their purpose to my dad who has never been on social media. Do you use #hashtags on Swell? Which are your favs?


Bookish Chatter - Crystal Ball

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|0:27

Today Crystal shared about her journey of writing herself out of a prison sentence, tips for new authors, and more!


The Protector Book Trailer 😱

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|0:56

#TheProtector #booktrailer is here and it is🔥🔥🔥! Be sure to check it out! www.chasingstormi.com



Bookish Chatter-Emily Myers

@chasingstormi|2mo ago|0:37

Come listen about Emily’s author journey, writing tips, and advice on publishing as we celebrate the release of her new book out on Amazon Tomorrow! 🥂


A clip from the interview with WV Uncommonplace

@chasingstormi|3mo ago|0:11


More episodes up on Bookish Chatter!

@chasingstormi|3mo ago|1:04

Make sure to check out #BookishChatter! More great episodes up, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions about the episodes!


Join me on Bookish Chatter where I talk with experts as we share our tips, tricks, and honest author journey so you never feel alone!

@chasingstormi|4mo ago|0:47


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