Stormi Lewis
@chasingstormi · 1:53

How do you honor your favorite people after they leave you physically?

So it's been a difficult road. Last Monday, the OG storm chaser passed, and it was just really hard to lose. My biggest fan been my most supportive cheerleader in my life, and it was more hard and difficult to launch a book that Friday because it was the first book that came out without her

I just lost my biggest supporter and fan. How do you honor your favorite people who have to leave you physically to go to a better place?

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:53

Being here inside this question 🌱🪴

I think it's a moment that you're entering right now and it's going to morph and change inside of you and help you define this next chapter. So I think in answer to your specific question about honoring, I think you're doing it by being thoughtful, and it's not about an action, I think, or something cheesy and predictable
Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:13

Living a noble life with them as my spiritual guides.

But having them there is your spiritual guide is your confidence boost. It makes the world of a difference. So again, my condolences, I'm so sorry, but I know, and I can hear in your voice how proud of you. She is
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Stormi Lewis
@chasingstormi · 1:12

Thank you so much everyone! I was actually thinking about getting a tattoo,

Thank you so much for sharing that I actually I am unemployed, but I'm hoping that I can put a little aside every bit. And actually, because our love of books and she loved flowers, I have a mock up of an open book with the pages and a flower in it, and then I will have her name on the bottom. And I was actually going to put that on the inside of my arm, on my wrist as well. So thank you, everybody, for reaching out
Stormi Lewis
@chasingstormi · 1:40
I have only been struggling with trying to figure out payment because I really wanted to do something where the authors got all of the payment, but it's becoming trickier than I had originally thought. And so it's just working out the kinks, so that way I can get it going for her. But I'm very excited for that. And I think that would be a good way to honor her legacy as well. So thank you for sharing those were all great ideas. I greatly appreciate them