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Stormi Lewis

 · 2yr ago · 0:47
Join me on Bookish Chatter where I talk with experts as we share our tips, tricks, and honest author journey so you never feel alone!

"…Be sure to listen every Monday at 01:00 p.m.. Central Standard Time, and we're going to talk with experts on their tips, tricks, and author journeys to make sure you don't feel alone. This is the host, Stormy Lewis. I hope to see you there.…"



Deborah Pardes

 · 2yr ago · 0:40

"…And it's a really good time for people to feel safe, communities, a sense of support. So thanks a lot for the announcement. And I look forward to next words of wisdom and an encouragement.…"



Stormi Lewis

 · 2yr ago · 0:26

"…Thank you so much for that. It always feels good to hear that people are supporting your newest journeys. And that's what I'm here for is to support others. I do schedule it. It regularly, and I am just figuring out swell. So thank you so much for that. And I look forward to talking with you more. Thank you. Bye.…"