Fake it till you make it doesn’t work for me

Someone recently approached me for guidance. She was bumping up against the edge of her own confidence at work, and she wondered what I thought of the phrase fake. Fake it till you make it, just sort of Bluff her way into confidence in order to rally her team around her ideas. Fake, fake, fake, fake it till you make it trope right. That's commonly used. I've received that advice a lot from people. The challenge for me is it's never worked

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Chalon Bridges
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Quick correction. The game I referred to was not Wolverine. Quick correction. The game I was referring to was not Wolverine. It was werewolf
Bowie Rowan
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Ted Lasso & being ignorant, but curious

And I think it's because I realized with teaching and having learned this from observing the professors and teachers and managers and mentors that has impacted me the most, they were all people who were capable of saying, I don't know. And it's interesting because when I was just away recently, a friend introduced me to this TV show, Ted Lasso, and I don't know if you've seen it
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Liora H
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But I think once you realize you don't know everything and other people might have different perspectives on you or different methods that are more effective or more suitable for your needs and your strengths, then you should be able to adapt and incorporate those things. Fortunately, no one can do those things until they ask for help. And that might be the core of what you're saying here. Actually just that it's okay to ask for help and that sometimes you should thank you for this
Chalon Bridges
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But I figure rather than just trying to gloss over those awkward moments where I feel like as as a leader, that I should know something when I don't that seem like a phrase that would be useful. So stay tuned
Chalon Bridges
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Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. I love this and to your point about it being connected to confidence you're so right there. I guess I just wonder if there isn't a confidence that could come from just being willing to learn versus knowing everything. And I think when you can come from that place or when I can that that's something that feels sustainable to me and authentic and a slightly different orientation than what fake it to you make it implies