An alternative way to find your passion

And if that was your North Star rather than a siloed profession or an identity that feels too small or too restricted to really match what you think your own potential is. And I'd be curious to learn what that is for you, but also, if that reframing is a helpful way to land on what your true peace passion really is

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Liora H
@liora · 1:43
That's not the only way things are done, and that's a comfort. I don't know if I could pick my North Star ideal right now. In my mind, I'm thinking of either like, compassion or equality. I'm leaning towards compassion, though. Either way, I really appreciate the fact that you made this well because it opened my eyes to a new way of perceiving my future and my career path. And I think I really needed this, so thank you so much
Chalon Bridges
@chalon · 2:11
This was just like, truly, what did they want to do when they had the ability to vote with their just innate interests and their time? And the pattern that I saw was that they would end up constructing these portfolios of their passions that had really interesting mashups of interests. Often it wasn't just one thing. Sometimes there were a really small subset of kids that were obsessed with just one singular thing, but the majority had interests that spanned tech to sewing and social justice plus something else
Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 4:57
So for those who don't know, unschooling is essentially like a lack of curriculum. It's a form of homeschooling. And instead of having, like, a curriculum or an agenda every day that you strictly follow, like online schooling or something like that, it's very much experiential based. So I was in, like, a theater group, a home schooling theater group. I was constantly constantly doing activities, traveling to museums
Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 1:24
Even when I was a little kid wanting to be a chicken, I just simply wanted to create some joy in people and to create an equitable space. I thought that I could do that as a chicken. As I grew up, I realized that I can't. So now I'm thinking of social work, something along those lines. And even in my current spot as a content creator, I am still pursuing those things of equity and inclusion and social justice. So you can't really go wrong
Chalon Bridges
@chalon · 0:49
Wow. What an amazing story. I love that you had certainty about wanting to be a chicken and that you then let that morph into so many other possibilities. And that underneath that is this sense of equity and social justice that drives you. But that can manifest in lots of different ways. I want to hear more about the chicken, though I never thought of dreaming of being a chicken. What did you have in your mind's eye with that? What were you picturing yourself doing?
@UnschoolingCrew · 2:22

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And it wasn't until I found unschooling that I was giving my children the freedom to choose their own interests and their own path and how they wanted to do things that I realized that I could do the same. Right? And I think one of the answers on Your Swell was from the young woman that saying that having more than one interest was okay