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Fun challenges curated by the Swell team. #AtoZPoetsChallenge

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phil spade
@Phil · 2:01

#PoetryMonth | Letter S- Share your favorite poet! Join the AtoZ Poets Challenge

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Here is a stanza from Shelley's most famous poem, Ode to the West Wind which reflects his fascination with the natural world and his belief in the transformative power of poetry. O wild west wind, thou breath of autumn's, being thou from whose unseen presence the leaves dead are driven like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing yellow and black and pale and hectic red, pestilence stricken multitudes

#Poetry #AtoZPoetsChallenge #PercyByssheShelley Share your favorite poet whose name starts with the letter S

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Buddah Desmond
@BuddahDesmond · 1:59

#poet #poetry #poetrymonth #AtoZPoetsChallenge #SoniaSanchez #Ballad #ShakeLooseMySkin

You. One of my favorite poets, whose both first and last name begins with the letter S, is Sonia Sanchez. And I think Maya Angelou said it best when describing her that you know, sonia Sanchez is a lion in literature's forest. When she writes, she roars, and when she sleeps, other creatures walk gingerly. She is without a doubt a literary lion. She is one of the most influential poets from the Black Arts Movement
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