Blame game

Most of the time we are busy in blaming the people around us for the failures that we face, for the situations that we are going through and for the discomforts that we have. We start saying that this is because of them, this happened because of them. And in this process we are trying to satisfy ourselves. But have you ever thought how can we satisfy ourselves by blaming others? Is it really feasible? Is it really, I mean, useful? Is it really correct?

#motivation #inspiration

Neha Dondapati
@neha_97 · 0:56
Like, what does that do if we complain and blame, you know, like, it is only going to create further mess for us, you know, like further chaos for us. It's not going to solve anything. So I honestly feel this blame game is pointless, you know? I mean, sure, you can point fingers at someone saying this and that about that person. They are like this, they are like that. But what will that get you? Fetch you?
Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 1:16
It's a kind of an excuse that we are resorting to for not doing that thing. And we have to learn to take risks in our life if we really want to see ourselves grow. And when we are taking risks, we cannot be blaming anyone around. It's solely us. And only a risk taker can see the path of growth, can see himself evolving into a better version. So thank you so much for sharing this beautiful perspective with us