Celine Guzman

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get to know me: siblings with disabilities 🤍

College Voice USA 🇺🇸FamilyGratitude

"…But it has also been hard to help raise him, especially with down syndrome. Sometimes it's frustrating, especially when we can't necessarily communicate as easily as others can and especially when he's getting frustrated because he doesn't understand his emotions and trying to teach him and explain to him how the world works and it's a hard life to feel like you know all these things in your head, but you can't express them.…"

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phil spade

@Phil · 8mo ago · 2:45

"…But try having a conversation with my niece. And if you think you're a patient person, this will really test your patience. I mean, really test it, but we get through it. And I think we're better off getting through those periods. And if you can get through a frustrating period with my niece, everything else, as far as the challenges, just nothing.…"


Celine Guzman

@celine · 8mo ago · 2:40

"…And recently he's been working with an iPad that has pictures of things, and then it will pronounce. It like he'll record himself saying it. And so he understands what words mean. What but then the pictures and the word on the screen is what he means to say. So then whoever he's trying to talk to can understand what he's saying, if that makes sense. And that's pretty brand new.…"



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