Celine Guzman

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diversity in the dining hall? 🍽

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"…And like, we've had a lot of Mexican food in the dining hall, but it's not really or not even just Mexican Hispanic food in the dining hall, and they're not really tasting as authentic as the food that the chef would probably have more experience or more liking towards, if that makes sense.…"

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Isabella Croston

@isabellaa · 7mo ago · 0:48

"…So I am glad to see that the father is really actually living up to the height because I've heard so many things about it.…"


Samuel Penate

@samuelpenate · 7mo ago · 1:40

"…But I feel like it has to be more from your association to be more precise and obligate with associate students in general residents or the school or anything like that to bring whatever. And it's about bringing more food options and I think it will be super amazing the same way that we're doing over here at Humble. So Yeah.…"



@paolomcm · 7mo ago · 0:37

"…So I think everything that I call is really important, and we need that on our campus.…"

Samiksha Bharti

@Samiksha_B17 · 7mo ago · 0:03

"…Proud to be Indian.…"

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Gabie Rudolph

@gabrudolph · 7mo ago · 2:02

"…But yeah, I used to work not the dining hall, but it was connected to the dining hall, and it was basically just like sandwiches, but it really wasn't that diverse. It was just a sandwich and smoothie place, really. Even though I did, the place I worked at and the dining hall were kind of connected. Like, I had to go to the back of the kitchen at the dining hall to clock in. I still don't really know who the head chef was.…"


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