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fatphobia in the male podcast community五

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"I've seen so many videos like this with similar rhetoric that things should be easy for women if we just put in a little bit of effort and we'll be fine. But it's so much harder for men and it's always men with podcasts talking about women's weight and I don't understand why that's the case. And I wonder who gave these people the audacity to sit there and talk about women's bodies like that or other people's bodies like that. I just don't get it."




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"Hey, swell. Hey, Celine, I'm glad you brought this up because I feel like especially in social media, I feel like especially misogynistic straight men, they tend to do this a lot where they like talk about women's bodies on their podcasts or even radio shows. There's that radio show called The Breakfast Club. I believe it's very, very popular. They've had Kamala Harris and like a bunch of other celebrities and politicians on that on air, on the radio show."

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"They want to put somebody down. And so they go after women because a lot of people are sexist, so they'll probably get support for that, right? So they go after women and they hate on women, and it makes them feel so much better about themselves putting someone else down. So you rise above them, basically. It's so stupid. And it also shows that these men have nothing else going on."


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