Valeriya Divine
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Personal transformation and spiritual growth

And just like so many examples in the day to day life, like, for example, any movie you watch, there's so many of them that the core subject in the core plot is the human that needs to go somewhere into the dark place, into the cave, into the unknown, to go fight the Dragon, to fight the beast and to come out and to be victorious. And this is symbolic to every single one of us

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Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 3:50

We all have the tools to change, we just need to know how to utilize them.

It'll be a biopic where it follows a rock star and they're working a dead end job and no one believes in them. Then suddenly they start making music and they get a couple of people listening and a couple of people more and all of a sudden they're making all this money and all this and that stuff, and we think they're going to change. But a lot of times it doesn't actually happen that way. They're still the same person
Sergio Lopez-Barnes
@Incredilous · 2:02
And it's weird because Dragons has just popped up for me recently, and I just made notice. And then I see your profile picture. It's a beautiful profile picture, by the way. And I feel like what is represented. The images in your profile picture of the Dragon eating Dragon in the circle, eating its own tail. That is really representative of the wisdom in which you spoken, that we all have to keep moving forward
Astral Alkemist
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And basically, as Bob Dylan, he put it best when he said, if you're not busy being born, you're busy dying. I totally believe that. And we're moving forward, or we're stagnant. No one can be happy. Stagnant, thank you. And thank you for the cool thoughts that you're swell arose up in me
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