Good afternoon. Hey, y'all. Today's Tuesday, May 14. By 14, y'all know what I think today is? My ex husband's birthday. Anyway, I digress. Just saying the date out loud made me think about it. But anyway, happy Tuesday. Y'all know I'm in the midwest. I know. I'm gonna tell y'all how the weather is. It's freaking raining outside. It's horrible. And I have to be out in this mess all this afternoon

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So I try to give her a little bit of space because she's been through some traumatic things through childhood and even as an adult, but I let her know we can't make that the callous for you to not have accountability, to open for communication when there's a disagreement. Sometimes there are disagreements. Sometimes it could be the simplest thing
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And even sometime now, even with my ex husband, we'll still have some situations that we may not agree on, but I'm learning to speak to him, and I practice on. I practice on people, you know, that's close to me, too. So if I have to deal with something outside of my home, like at work, when it comes to work, situations and conflicts at work with people, I always tell myself to not get emotional
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Just listen to what each other have to say. Think about it for a while. Think about it for a couple of days and come back to it and see what happens. And that's how I feel. People who bring drama or who like being confrontational. No, that's not me. I'm not that way at all. I just rather be by myself and be alone. But I want to wish you a great night and thank you for your opinion
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And if I can really pinpoint it, then I try to see if I can find that in myself. And maybe it's something that I've overcome, or maybe it's something I'm working to overcome, or maybe it's something I haven't fully realized that I do, but that through that process of kind of introspection based around the potential conflict of others can definitely help to kind of shine a light on that part of my life. So it's a fun little practice