It was crazy, right? The cookies, they had a purple haze. They had a snooper doodle. They had just crazy stuff. And the lady who owned it here, who opened it here, she didn't even sound right. Talking, trying to speak about it, trying to explain it. She kept saying she was a nineties baby, and that's why she was doing it. And she had purple and pink hair, and then she was trying to use urban lingo

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Matthew Phillips
@Talk77 · 1:52

Just trying to fit in

So some of us believe everything that we're taught in school. And that's sad, because half of it is more than just a lie. So with that being said, I just look at it as just somebody trying to fit in where they don't belong or what they don't understand. And with that, I'm gonna wish you a great day and a blessed weekend and a happy memorial weekend