Catherine Illene Miles
@CattCoaches · 4:58

Monday Motivation - something to Ponder

I want you to really ponder that question. I want you to really think about that question. When you start to feel empty or you get empty or you're running on e, what fills you up? So I want to just say, for me, prayer and going to church fills me up. And just having faith fills me up. I tap into that a lot and I ask to be refilled. Right

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Guadalupe Ospina
@GOD1forever · 2:14
So being able to spend time with the Lord, praying, worshiping him, praising him, it fills me up and also pouring into other people. Pouring into other people. I know it sounds odd because I'm pouring, I'm not receiving anything. I'm not pouring into myself, but by me pouring into other people, it helps me. It brings me joy. Makes me happy to be able to shine light on others and motivate them or encourage them with some wisdom or love. Yeah
Inspired Voice
@AnthonyAnthem · 1:31
It's something I do, something I've been doing for over 20 years and just formulating words or a thought fills me up. And then if I feel depleted in anything, pausing, just stopping, laying down, relaxing, purposely taking an hour or two or even a day just to not be or not do anything again, awesome word. Always a pleasure hearing your thoughts, your words, as you would say, blessings upon blessings upon blessings to you as well. Bye
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