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The Resurrection of Mountain Equipment Co-op - comment on Globe&Mail article

It's commonly written about how they go in over leverage, suck the cash out and then sell the company in worse shape than it was originally. The company over time goes out of business and it impacts employees because they lose their jobs and the government is failing to address this. So the two things in the article that I disagree with one, they said that no matter how tight the merchandising strategy, every retailer ends up with excess stock, this needs to be corrected because it is not true

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Retail and private equity are often not a great mix

To be honest with you, I'm just not. But to me, the base that you have of those co op members, that's a loyal customer base. That's something that other retail companies would really love to have. And keeping them happy should be priority number one. I just don't understand any type of you just can't wrestle them at all. It just doesn't seem like a smart thing to be doing
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You do not have to be a member to purchase at the grocery store. But you do in order to receive the dividend at the end of the the the the the the resurrection of Mountain Equipment coop was the case