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NHL Fires Referee For Saying He Wanted To Give Nashville Predators A Penalty

Has the NHL been allowing this to occur for a period of time? So first I read about it. I thought about all this stuff and then I watched the clip. It gave me a little bit of a different perspective, and then you'll understand when you watch it. So the link below pay attention from 12 seconds to 18 seconds to see the check from behind. $9

#NHL #Referee #Nashville #predators #penalty @taylor https://s.swell.life/SSSe4IZIWvbOaUQ

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#NHL #penalty https://s.swell.life/SSSe6E7IDYFVAJo

If anyone has a clip from a different angle, please post it. I'd like to see one actually from the front or the side might be the best. And keep in mind the referees in front. So he has a different viewpoint, I believe, than we do now. Wikipedia is an official, so I looked up the technical definition in the Hockey Canada rule book 7.4
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#NHL #penalty https://s.swell.life/SSSe7TkvcxZMSd5

It does look like he was shoved, though, from maybe the side or behind, though from the per angle of the camera, it looks more like from behind, which would be be checking from behind. That goes under Rule 6.4, and it reads a minor penalty at the discretion of the referee, based on the degree of violence of the impact, which it didn't appear like there was a high degree shall be assessed
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#NHL #Referee #Nashville #predators #penalty @taylor

This is one of the not talked about practices in the NHL I'm not looking for. Well, maybe it's a Gray area. I want actual proof, though. I did a paper about Major League Baseball and how the new steroids was going on and they did nothing to stop it. There was actual proof there. Does anyone have this for the NHL? Okay, I'd be interested in feedback on four things. Does anyone have further factual content about the referee?
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Unrealistic #expectations of #perfection in #culture?

On a more general level, my main question out of all this is at what point are we holding imperfect people accountable for being flawless and therefore setting each up each other for failure, like outside of sports just in general, are we looking at how we're we're creating unrealistic expectations for humans to be perfect in every situation
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It's just sort of let's wash our hands of this and move on. And that's where I think things get very problematic because like you said, you're presenting unrealistic expectations for your employees. I think that any of us in any job that we're in, if we don't fully understand what's being asked of us, we don't understand the rules. We're probably going to screw up at one point now
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Also, I forgot to say Love the Black Sabbath in the background
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#NHL #Referee #Nashville #predators #penalty

Yes, that's actually what I was going for. I was unaware of the leak was monitoring this gentleman's behavior. And what I'm hoping is that someone posts a couple of links or maybe one really good one et explaining that that contains how long they were monitoring this behavior because they say they needed a reason depending on how long you're monitoring it. The gentleman was there for 30 years, and he only had a month left. Was there not enough monitoring in the 30 years?