Hey, guys, I'm here with my little sister. Name is Andrea. I'm Carmen. We're watching this really interesting TV show series called Chuck. And it's kind of like if you guys have seen, like, Brooklyn 99 or Psych. Yeah. It's like a man who's like, a little boy. A little boy? No, he's not a little boy. He's like mid 20s, like white man, Brown hair

TV show recommendation!

Oscar K
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Hi, Carmen Vin. Nahu. Hitnashuel. Yeah. I hope you're enjoying France if you are still in France. Yeah. Thank you for the show recommendation. I'll have to check it out. I'm just close to finishing up Peaky Blinders at the Moment, which I've enjoyed thoroughly. I highly recommend. But yeah. So I guess I need a next show for the line up, but we'll to this well, community. And thank you for your recommendation