Let's discuss about our Travel Bucket List today!

And Northwestern Europe's largest Christmas fair happens in this place called Rostok in Germany. And we were exactly there. So it was amazing just to see how they celebrate Christmas and all of that. And oh, yes, I have a third place as well, which is Spain. There is an amazing amusement park called Porta Ventura World. It is too good like people

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Darshini Kumar
@Darshini · 0:19
Hey, like that was a great, you know, pick of destinations. My travel plan would be I really, really want to visit Bali and Japan, I think yeah, I really you really want these two places first and the rest next? Probably
Brinda Shah
@Brindaashah · 0:50
I guess I kind of exaggerated it, but yeah, all I meant to say is that Iceland, for me, is a land of inspiration. And I would love to visit this phenomenal country someday, hopefully soon
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 1:20
Some of the places that are definitely at the top of my list are New Zealand. I really want to go there and explore some of the beautiful hiking and ecology and animals. I also also would love to go to Iceland as well and do some camping and driving and just exploring the beautiful countryside
Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 2:39
Just experience the lifestyle over there and live in the country, which has zero crime rate, 0% crime rate. The police stations are shut, for God's sake. I mean, I can't even imagine what that must feel like. So yeah, that's Iceland for me. And the second one is New Zealand, New Zealand because it's the adventure hub of the world. And who doesn't love adventure? A lot of people don't, actually, but I absolutely love adventure