Camille Johnson

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Dating expectations at 25 versus what’s really happening?

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"…So I would like to talk about dating at 25, what that looks like for me. Camille in this day and time, I have so many any expectations, especially when I was younger. And now those things have disappeared. Those expectations have disappeared because I've met, I'm not going to say so many people, but I have met enough people to where my reality of this perfect life has been persuaded and manipulated in so many different ways, where that perfect dream is just not perfect.…"

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J Wang

@jsmwang · 3mo ago · 4:45

"…Hey, Camille, it's so great to hear you on Swell. And yeah, everything you just said, I so deeply relate to. Dating, you know, in your midtwenties is incredibly hard. My past my dating life is either non existence or non existent or horrendous, just like, person after person. I think the last person that I saw, we said, I love you after two weeks of seeing each other, and then we immediately broke up afterwards.…"

Kyla Norton

@kkylaa · 3mo ago · 3:22

"…Developing anxiety from comparing yourself. Because although it may not be dating. I feel that same anxiety with career progress. Looking around all my peers and seeing their progress in this aspect of life. And I've come to realize that that's only going to bring me down if I keep doing that. At the end of the day, this is my life, these are my choices.…"

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